I help people bring their ideas to life in the digital world.

It may sound like a bold statement, but I really do have the experience and knowledge to back it up.

The beginning

I started my first entrepreneurial activity at 16, which sparked my passion for marketing. I taught myself programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL) and started designing and developing simple websites as a freelancer in high school. With the money I earned from these projects and an investor’s help, I opened a bistro cafe when I was 21 while also attending my undergraduate degree. My vision was to first and foremost create a business hub. The idea was successful, and we broke-even three months after opening.

A rewarding experince

Several years later, I took the Managing Director role at a not-for-profit organization. My diverse experience and strategic thinking were instrumental in working with 300+ schools, 2,000+ teachers and reaching 100,000+ students. My efforts led to more than $450,000 in profit within the first nine months.

Early age

I’ve always been an ambitious, self-driven risk-taker. I have the right mindset to drive innovation and I welcome challenges as an opportunity to push myself and grow. I look forward to contributing to the success of your company.

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    Junior Executive Assistant


When I’m not working, I love engaging in “team-building” exercises (cuddling, hikes) with my team, Bruno the Dog & Mars the Cat, discovering hidden gems in my new home city of Toronto, and occasionally play video games.

Above all, I love connecting and engaging in conversations about anything and everything with remarkable people.


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Look forward to connecting!