I’m Alex, a Digital Strategist with 15+ years of experience in management & marketing. I’m passionate about helping people transform their ideas into profitable businesses and optimize their B2B and B2C Marketing, Sales, and Operations.

What I do

I know you’re eager to get started, but you may not know the next steps. Sometimes things can get overwhelming. I’ll help you find clarity and solidify an idea of what we’re building, for whom, and why.

Brand Identity

With billions of companies struggling for attention, are you wondering how to make yours stand out? Wonder no more. You’re in the right place! I have the skills and tools to build your company’s true identity, personality, and voice.

Community Development

What is a brand without a community? I think ahead to identify and reach the right target audience and clients for your company. I start with a clear plan and continue with bold strategies to connect you with your fans and clients.

Content Strategy

Who doesn’t need words and images these days? They are the backbone of a solid brand. I take pride in my exemplary process to create compelling, consistent content your audience won’t be able to resist.

Marketing Strategy

Chances are you have plenty of ideas, yet you’re not quite sure where to start. That’s where I come in! I love brainstorming and strategizing on what marketing campaigns are the best match for your business persona.

Social Media

Social media is here to stay for a really long time. You can not—and should not—ignore it anymore! Thanks to my visionary brain, I’ll help you select the best social media channels for your brand. Then I’ll provide you with well-organized strategies and hands-on plans to grow your followers list. 

Not exactly sure what you need?

Let’s chat. If I can’t help you, I’ll do my best to connect you with someone who can.

The work

I’ve been fortunate to work with some fantastic people. I helped build innovative brands, lead creative marketing strategies, and improved long-term profitability.

No task is too small, no goal too big.

  • Best dad ever.

    Senior Executive Assistant

My super-duper tail-waggin’ team

You’re in the most capable hands and paws!